2013 Season Fixtures and Results


Date Opposition & Venue Time Manager Teas Result
20/04/2013Alexandra Park2.00pmGreg DixSimon WhiteAvebury lost by 19 runs
28/04/2013Presidents XI2.00pmGreg DixDavid ScattergoodAvebury won by 71 runs
04/05/2013WCCL: Wanborough (A)2.00pmGreg DixAvebury won by 6 runs
11/05/2013WCCL: Seagry2.00pmGreg DixHenry FryAvebury won by 83 glorious runs
12/05/2013Minal (A)2.00pmDominic FryAvebury won by 6 wickets
18/05/2013WCCL: Wilcot (A)2.00pmGreg DixAvebury sneaked it by 4 wickets, the devils
19/05/2013Bishops Cannings (A)2.00pmDominic FryAvebury won by 37 runs
25/05/2013WCCL: Beehive Bradford2.00pmGreg DixJohn RheinbergAvebury won by 17 runs
01/06/2013WCCL: All Cannings (A)2.00pmHenry FryAvebury lost by 34 runs
02/06/2013Swindon CS Sunday XI (A)2.00pmDave BradfieldAvebury did it again - by 1 wicket!
08/06/2013WCCL: Bear Flats (A)2.00pmHenry FryBear Flat Absolutely Rogered Avebury
09/06/2013Swindon UC Sunday XI2.30pmDave BradfieldJames NeveAvebury won by 6 wickets
15/06/2013WCCL: Biddestone2.00pmHenry FryPete Force-JonesAvebury lost by several wickets
22/06/2013WCCL: Swindon UC (A)2.00pmHenry FryAvebury Did Not Play Cricket
23/06/2013Badgers2.00pmDave BradfieldCharlie WeatherillAvebury lost by 4 wickets
29/06/2013WCCL: Heytesbury and Sutton VenyHenry FryBruce CrookAvebury got sprayed in cow dung, losing by 8 wickets
30/06/2013CS Nomads (at Wanborough)Dave BradfieldCS Nomads (specifally a lad called Ahmed) won by 70 runs
06/07/2013WCCL: WanboroughJohn RheinbergGuy ClarksonLost by 8 wickets
13/07/2013WCCL: Seagry (A)John RheinbergAvebury lost by 20 runs
14/07/2013Collingbourne (A)Adam DuncanAvebury lost by less than 20 runs
20/07/2013WCCL: WilcotJohn RheinbergAndrew BlakeAvebury Won By 86 Runs
21/07/2013Spye ParkAdam DuncanTim BuxtonAvebury won by just one wicket
27/07/2013WCCL: Beehive Bradford (A)John RheinbergMatch (Rightly) Abandoned
28/07/2013Fulham TavernersAdam DuncanGreg DixAvebury Thumped by 8 Wickets or so
03/08/2013WCCL: All CanningsJohn RheinbergDominic FryMatch abandoned after strong start
04/08/2013Wiltshire QueriesDominic FryTrevor StartupWon by 112 runs
10/08/2013WCCL: Bear Flats1.30pmDominic FryAlex MillwardAvebury won by 4 wickets
17/08/2013WCCL: Biddestone (A)1.30pmDominic FryMatch Abandoned At Tea
18/08/2013Tortworth2.00pmDominic FryAvebury lost by 1 wicket in the final over
24/08/2013WCCL: Swindon UC1.30pmDominic FryPete FJAvebury won by 68 runs
31/08/2013WCCL: Heytesbury & Sutton Veny (A)1.30pmDominic FryAvebury lost by plenty - 9 wickets I believe
01/09/2013Ourselves. It's all in the mind.1.30pmDominic FryAvebury "B" won by 1 wicket
07/09/2013Weekenders1.30pmDominic FryAvebury won by 4 wickets
07/07/2013Kennet Valley (A)Avebury lost