Adult Cricket

Most clubs in our area have a long and illustrious history dating back to goodness knows when. For better or worse, we don’t. We started playing as a group of mates on a makeshift strip cut in the middle of field 30 years ago. We feel like we’ve transformed into something rather special today.

Summer 2020

We run 2 Saturday teams – a 1st XI playing in the Wiltshire division of the West of England Premier league, and a 2nd XI playing in the Wiltshire County Cricket League.

Most of the people are playing these teams are actually quite nice people once you get to know them.

We are always looking for new players so please fill in the registration form below if you are interested. Really, don’t be shy. Don’t feel like you are stepping tentatively into a “club culture” where everybody already knows everybody, and you are the new person in the group. We’re really rather the opposite.

Fixtures and Results

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