The Ground

Side of the pitch in autumnAvebury Sports Field (also known as Avebury Cricket Ground)

The Avebury sports field is owned by the National Trust and is gifted to the village for sporting and recreational activities. We do not own the field and do not have any permanent rights over the ground, although we have been using it uninterrupted for twenty years now, and are now proud to be responsible (to the Parish Council) for maintenance of the outfield.

The Outfield

We maintain it; we chain harrow it in the Spring; we spray for weeds (and in particular to get rid of broad leaf plantain, the scourge of so many Wiltshire grounds); we roll; we spike; we cut both with a Sitrex Finishing mower (early season) and a set of trailed gangs.

We are assisted in our efforts by “Little Red”, our Massey Ferguson Tractor; recently befriended by “The Yellow Peril” – it’s ugly sister.

The Square

In October 2012 we carried out a massive £10,000 of work to our square, ripping out nearly a foot of topsoil to four wickets and completely re-laying them.  This has resulted in an immaculate playing surface, albeit one which requires more love and attention than the other strips on our square, which tend to be well-draining, but also slow and low.  All in all, we have made massive improvements in the last couple of years and the results have been worth every penny. We carried out the same work again in October 2016 to create three new strips – and we await the results of this work.

The Groundsman

For around 10 years the ground was attended by Brian Mason, a Trowbridge-based groundsman who used to tend the County ground at Trowbridge.  Brian passed away in 2013 and we remain indebted to him for everything he did for us as a club.

Brian’s work was subsequently “in-sourced” to one of our members, Dave Bradfield, who did a fantastic job, in particular co-ordinating the massive re-build in 2012 and taking huge amounts of care over the new wickets in 2013 as they bedded down.

Since 2014 we have been assisted by Pete Mathias and his team, who have done a fantastic job keeping the square in great nick.

As with so many clubs around Wiltshire, we’re incredibly lucky to have folks near at hand with the time, skills and dedication to help us on all these fronts.

Spring 2014.  Updated Spring 2017