WCCL: Winsley CC – “And Another One!”

Opposition: WCCL: Winsley CC


Date: 06/08/2016


Result: Game 29: Won by 19 runs

None of us were looking forward to Game 29, having been so humbled by Winsley at their own ground back in May. This time, though, there was no happy ending for Bradford-on-Avon's Nick Gerrish, as Avebury's change bowlers held on to their nerves to squeeze the Winsley lower order chasing down our modest and woefully under par 173 for 9. Earlier in the day. Charlie Redmayne's 55 and the Chairman's 39 anchored the innings, but both would have hoped for a lot more, both holing out somewhat unnecessarily and setting the pattern for the rest of the team. We went into tea very depressed about the total, but knowing that Hartslief, the Chairman, Richards and others would hope to put the squeeze on this impressive Winsley side. A wicket in the first ball of the innings, to a wide half volley, set the tone for the innings, and Winsley, despite being a side of far superior quality and huge depth in resource, simply gifted wicket after wicket to Avebury. It was the bowling of Rob Gater, in his last game before returning to his adopted home in Perth, whose 4-41 from 8 overs just about got us over the line.  Hearts were in mouths as a couple of juicy leg side full tosses were despatched by the pugacious Gerrish, but in the end Avebury had JUST enough in the tank to squeeze out the end of an excellent game. In the end, Winsley perished for 154 in the 44th over, leaving "lowly" Avebury somehow victors by 19 runs!