WCCL: Swindon U.C.C.C.

Opposition: WCCL: Swindon U.C.C.C.


Date: 14/08/2016


Result: Game 32: Won by 143 Runs

Exhaustion, and a pending drive to some godforsaken airport prevents me from penning a full report here.  Stats were as follows:

Innings of Avebury.

219-7 off 45.0 overs.

Avebury: John Rheinberg 56, Dominic Fry 67, Bruce Crook 27

Swindon United Churches: Dan Hunt 9-2-26-3, C Spackman 9-1-44-2, B Hussain 9-1-28-1

Innings of Swindon United Churches.

76-10 off 38.1 overs.

Swindon United Churches: M Shadwick 20, L Brooks 15

Avebury: Rama Adi 4-4-0-3, Dominic Fry 6-2-7-2, Andy Schofield 5-0-17-2

Particular Mention Should Go To:-

Schofield for his excellent bowling.  "Well bowled Wes"

Rama for his.  A COMPLETELY different bowler to yesterday!

Rheinberg for his patient 56.  Mixed his trademark powerdrive with some touch and caution.

Bruce Crook for a 27 that made our total competitive.

Guy Clarkson - for just being the most outstandingly consistent gloveman I have every had the pleasure to work with - hats off to you Guy!

Henry Fry - for gloving a ball down the leg side and walking of his own accord.  Inspired.  Thanks also to Swindon UCCC for applauding this act.

A great game, played in great spirit throughout.