Old New Georgians

Opposition: Old New Georgians


Date: 04/09/2016


Result: Game 37: Won by 5 wickets

Of the three (?) members of the Young family taking the field for the Old Georgians today, it was obvious that one of them - Tom - would be the decider of our fate in this game. Earlier in the season, Tom had played for Spye Park's Sunday side against our Sunday side, and scored a sparkling hundred against our pea shooter Sunday bowling attack.  So seeing him at number 5 in the Old Georgians side gave us cause for concern! Happily, an inspired spell of bowling from Adam Duncan (2 for 23 from 8 overs) included the wicket of Tom, who was bowled playing a shot I am sure would have made his coaches blush - although in fairness this is Sunday village cricket (and not the high octane world of the West of England Premier League where Tom would normally be plying his trade). Anyway, I only focus on this moment in the game because, for me, it's where the result was earned.  On Tom's dismissal, The Old Georgians managed just another 50 runs or so in the remaining 17 overs, posting a total of 113 which was easily overhauled by a below strength Avebury side, albeit one held together by an excellent 52 not out from Bruce Crook and 28 from Adam Duncan. We retired to the bar, and enjoyed the evening.  The OG's are a lovely group of kindred spirits, and we would thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to repeat this fixture - with or without Tom!