Tortworth CC

Opposition: Tortworth CC (H)


Date: 18/09/2016


Result: Game 38: Won by 98 runs

Avebury batted first and posted an excellent total of 224 from their allotted 35 overs, led by Bruce Crook (29), Matt Boothway (34), Mike Du Boulay (41) and a sparkling 58 not out for Dan Dix - his first ever fifty for the Avebury adult side. In response, Avebury had the luxury of utilising 8 bowlers, at least some of whom got wickets - notably (again) Dan Dix with 3 wickets for 25 from his 25 overs at the top of the innings. And so another season draws to a close - this one our most successful in many years.  We have no record (since before 2006, anyway) of having lost so few games; and only twice have we won more games in a season. More importantly, we've continued to defy the belief that small village cricket clubs (at least, those without significant financial support; or those whose success has come at the expense of bigger, better appointed clubs in their vicinity) must somehow succumb to the pressures of the modern world and the decline in team participation sports. Of course, the possibility to close the doors, pack away the kit, sell everything and head for the hills (or maybe the oceans) is always there.  But will we do it? Not right now, methinks.  

Old New Georgians

Opposition: Old New Georgians


Date: 04/09/2016


Result: Game 37: Won by 5 wickets

Of the three (?) members of the Young family taking the field for the Old Georgians today, it was obvious that one of them - Tom - would be the decider of our fate in this game. Earlier in the season, Tom had played for Spye Park's Sunday side against our Sunday side, and scored a sparkling hundred against our pea shooter Sunday bowling attack.  So seeing him at number 5 in the Old Georgians side gave us cause for concern! Happily, an inspired spell of bowling from Adam Duncan (2 for 23 from 8 overs) included the wicket of Tom, who was bowled playing a shot I am sure would have made his coaches blush - although in fairness this is Sunday village cricket (and not the high octane world of the West of England Premier League where Tom would normally be plying his trade). Anyway, I only focus on this moment in the game because, for me, it's where the result was earned.  On Tom's dismissal, The Old Georgians managed just another 50 runs or so in the remaining 17 overs, posting a total of 113 which was easily overhauled by a below strength Avebury side, albeit one held together by an excellent 52 not out from Bruce Crook and 28 from Adam Duncan. We retired to the bar, and enjoyed the evening.  The OG's are a lovely group of kindred spirits, and we would thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to repeat this fixture - with or without Tom!  

WCCL: Swindon Nalgo CC

Opposition: WCCL: Swindon Nalgo CC


Date: 03/09/2016


Result: Game 36: Match abandoned


Innings of Swindon NALGO.

118-2 off 24.0 overs.

Swindon NALGO: P JoshI 99 not out.  Crashed the ball to all parts on an absolute shirt front of an Avebury wicket, and made us all look like fools.

Innings of Avebury.

Did not bat. And mighty glad of it, I can tell you.  I think we would have been chasing BIG runs today!

Match Abandoned. Thank goodness! Let's go and celebrate winning the league!

Away Win at Kennet Valley CC

Opposition: Kennet Valley CC (AWAY)


Date: 28/08/2016


Result: Game 35: Won by 3 wickets

The beleaguered Chairman of Avebury Club, trying to pull together a side for Avebury's 35th game of the season, spent the last five days of his holiday literally doing his nut about our inability to have players step up for an away fixture at Kennet Valley. Happily, after 47 rejections from  members, an 11 was finally cobbled together, and off we trooped to Kennet Valley, which as everyone knows is no journey at all really from our ground. Winning the toss, and agreeing a very short form 30 over a side game with the opposition skipper, we went out to field in heavy drizzle, which accompanied us, relentlessly, for our entire time in the field. Immediately, the physical impracticalities of this magnanimous gesture became apparent, as not a single Avebury bowler was able to bowl in any way properly without risking injury, and with no sawdust in appearance until midway through the endings, we were really struggling. However, our perseverance paid off, and three wickets for 16-year-old Daniel Dix got us into the game. Pete Force-Jones took two from the bottom, and Tongayi Tendayi managed four from the top end from his 3.5 overs, as Kennet Valley slid to 75 all out from 21 of their allotted 30 overs. In reply, after tea, Avebury knocked off the runs in a little under 18 overs, Bruce Crook top scoring with 25. We retired to the Who'd A Thought It, now in bright sunshine, to reflect on the possibilities of flexible start times, the evening weather being nothing short of perfect for cricket. A very special thank you to some of the "non-cricketers" who turned out today - in particular, Mark Paradise for a fine fielding display, who played at very short notice (Saturday night, 10.57pm I think was the last pint) and we look forward to his next appearance for Avebury! The Sunday XI's winning streak continues - losing only once this season.    

Potterne Game A Very Dank Affair

Opposition: WCCL: Potterne CC II (AWAY)


Date: 27/08/2016


Result: Game 34: Match Abandoned

See our tweets on the game, and the WCCL website for the result. The Potterne ground staff applied all possible means (and all available grounds technology and equipment) to rescue the game following an hour-long monsoon (accompanied by Wagnerian thunder rolls and the odd lightning bolt), but ultimately there was no coming back from this most extraordinary outburst of tropical weather.  

Swindon Beehive CC

Opposition: Swindon Beehive CC


Date: 21/08/2016


Result: Game 33: Match Abandoned!

A great effort from skipper Bruce Crook to pull a side together and get a game on, but unfortunately the weather got hold of us and the game was abandoned part way through the first innings.

WCCL: Swindon U.C.C.C.

Opposition: WCCL: Swindon U.C.C.C.


Date: 14/08/2016


Result: Game 32: Won by 143 Runs

Exhaustion, and a pending drive to some godforsaken airport prevents me from penning a full report here.  Stats were as follows:

Innings of Avebury.

219-7 off 45.0 overs.

Avebury: John Rheinberg 56, Dominic Fry 67, Bruce Crook 27

Swindon United Churches: Dan Hunt 9-2-26-3, C Spackman 9-1-44-2, B Hussain 9-1-28-1

Innings of Swindon United Churches.

76-10 off 38.1 overs.

Swindon United Churches: M Shadwick 20, L Brooks 15

Avebury: Rama Adi 4-4-0-3, Dominic Fry 6-2-7-2, Andy Schofield 5-0-17-2

Particular Mention Should Go To:-

Schofield for his excellent bowling.  "Well bowled Wes"

Rama for his.  A COMPLETELY different bowler to yesterday!

Rheinberg for his patient 56.  Mixed his trademark powerdrive with some touch and caution.

Bruce Crook for a 27 that made our total competitive.

Guy Clarkson - for just being the most outstandingly consistent gloveman I have every had the pleasure to work with - hats off to you Guy!

Henry Fry - for gloving a ball down the leg side and walking of his own accord.  Inspired.  Thanks also to Swindon UCCC for applauding this act.

A great game, played in great spirit throughout.

WCCL: Winning Without Wes at Biddestone

Opposition: WCCL: Biddestone CC II (AWAY)


Date: 13/08/2016


Result: Game 31: Won by 43 runs

We travelled to Biddestone without our talismanic all-rounder Wessel Hartslief, who very sadly has had to leave us early to attend to family matters at home. Losing the toss on a beautiful and possibly the hottest day of the year, we were predictably inserted by Biddestone. Avebury just got off to a flying start thanks to some aggressive hitting from John Rheinberg, which elicited much comment from the Biddestone slip cordon, much of which was in no way flattering as many were not at all impressed by the shots being played. Rheinberg's inevitable demise brought Charlie Redmayne to the crease, who once again looked several classes above any other batsman on the pitch, but was unlucky to be on done by and LBW shout early in his innings have looked fluent and in touch. Andy Schofield, promoted to number four, looked instantly at home though, and settled in to play his best ever knock for Avebury, mixing sound defence with wonderful flowing strokes throughout his innings, doing all of this with a bat that is possibly older than many of the Biddestone players. After a good stand with the Chairman, who reached another 50, Schofield combined well with skipper Dix who also played a robust 45.  Some good clean hitting at the end from these two, Bruce Crook, and Jeremy Richards, got us to a healthy total of 268 at the end of our scheduled 45 overs. After tea we went out and sought to defend the total, and had a early success picking up two wickets (including the dangerous looking number 3 for a golden duck) which helped to ease our jangling nerves. Unfortunately, our change bowlers were rather wayward today, gifting far too many easy full tosses, long hops, and half volleys, which the Biddestone batsmen seized upon without exception, allowing them to keep pace with the run rate required, and never really looking out of touch. They did, however, lose wickets at crucial times, thanks to a couple of magic balls from Jack Redmayne, one from Dan Dix, and some good catching from the outfielders at crucial moments in the game.  In particular, a fantastic catch from Jack Redmayne off the bowling of Andy Schofield really turned the game in our favour. An ugly incident towards the end of the game saw a Biddestone batsman run out having wandered out of his crease following a hit to the fleshy parts of the thigh, which sparked much controversy, and frankly was a sad moment in an otherwise excellent game between two teams who both played in perfect spirit. Our thanks to Biddestone for letting us play on their "proper ground" - we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!  

Home Win Over CS Nomads CC

Opposition: CS Nomads CC


Date: 07/08/2016


Result: Game 30: Won by 70 runs

Henry Fry's 75 anchored the Avebury innings as a side of mixed abilities took on our old friends the CS Nomads. With Bruce Crook out in the first over, Henry batted for 26 overs and left with the score on 143.  In the tail, Rob Minton added 12 more, and contributions from Richard Hughes (playing his first game of the season! Thanks for making it today Rich!) and Dan Hunt saw us to 161. In reply, Rob Minton (what a guy, what a cricketer, and how we'd love him to play more at Avebury) took 3 wickets for 6 runs in 5 overs and stifled the CS Nomads reply.  Wickets also went to Dan Hunt (2) and Rich Hughes (2), and the Nomads innings closed on 91 for 8 in their allotted 35 overs. Very many thanks indeed to Rob Minton for providing the tea today.

WCCL: Winsley CC – “And Another One!”

Opposition: WCCL: Winsley CC


Date: 06/08/2016


Result: Game 29: Won by 19 runs

None of us were looking forward to Game 29, having been so humbled by Winsley at their own ground back in May. This time, though, there was no happy ending for Bradford-on-Avon's Nick Gerrish, as Avebury's change bowlers held on to their nerves to squeeze the Winsley lower order chasing down our modest and woefully under par 173 for 9. Earlier in the day. Charlie Redmayne's 55 and the Chairman's 39 anchored the innings, but both would have hoped for a lot more, both holing out somewhat unnecessarily and setting the pattern for the rest of the team. We went into tea very depressed about the total, but knowing that Hartslief, the Chairman, Richards and others would hope to put the squeeze on this impressive Winsley side. A wicket in the first ball of the innings, to a wide half volley, set the tone for the innings, and Winsley, despite being a side of far superior quality and huge depth in resource, simply gifted wicket after wicket to Avebury. It was the bowling of Rob Gater, in his last game before returning to his adopted home in Perth, whose 4-41 from 8 overs just about got us over the line.  Hearts were in mouths as a couple of juicy leg side full tosses were despatched by the pugacious Gerrish, but in the end Avebury had JUST enough in the tank to squeeze out the end of an excellent game. In the end, Winsley perished for 154 in the 44th over, leaving "lowly" Avebury somehow victors by 19 runs!